Author Topic: Looking for Sybian internal dimensions  (Read 1622 times)


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Looking for Sybian internal dimensions
« on: April 18, 2018, 11:45:30 PM »
Has no one every actually measure the internals of the unit?  It looks to be ~11" tall with the 10ga plate formed in to a channel (with end caps) and then welded on two vertical plates.  That's in addition to the vibration motor mount plate installed at the aft of the machine.

Also, are those 3x3x.25 plastic angle irons supporting the ends?  I would be willing to give anyone who helps me with dimensions a copy of the drawings I make (both 2d and 3d), in w/e format they prefer, I have both Solidworks and Autocad.

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Re: Looking for Sybian internal dimensions
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Thanks for the info.