Most unusual place you'd had sex?

Started by GoodVibrations, April 11, 2013, 09:28:23 PM

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Well the question's right there in the title really...where is the most unusual place you've had sex?  Believe it or not, for me it was on a ferris wheel!   ;D  I was in my early twenties and at a fair one evening with my then-boyfriend.  We decided to ride the wheel and it actually got stuck while our little pod thing was right at the top...before we knew it we'd both had the same idea and we had a semi-undressed quickie right then and there.  It was quite exhilarating!  Nobody could see us because we were the highest, yet the pod wasn't enclosed - the breeze was blowing through and we had to make sure we didn't get too vocal or everyone would know what we were up to.  Though I suspect our flushed faces and slightly dishevelled clothes when we got back to earth might have given it away anyway...   ::)


Well,!  That totally shames me, as the craziest place I've ever done it was in a car.  Not very unusual I know.   :-[  And not particularly comfortable either, I'm not in a hurry to do it again. 


On a lighting catwalk, over the audience, while the play was going on. It was mostly secluded; you'd have had to be really trying to see us. The challenge was being quiet and not knocking anything onto anyone's head. And of course, making all the light cues. lol


I surely thought I'd get some creative ideas from this topic. Come on folks, tell!

Now don't judge me, but my most unusual place was in a storage closet—at a Baptist church, on a Sunday.


In the girls bathroom when I was in high school. It was after school, so that makes it a little less dangerous, but it was a Catholic school and if we had been caught there would have been hell to pay.


On a bar a bar...while the bar was open. Miraculously, no one was the wiser. My then boyfriend (now husband) was amazed that I would be so bold as to do something like that.


In a pavilion at the park on a concrete picnic table in broad daylight. Oh, the pavilion was right where people drove into the park. :)


In the back of my car, hold on wait for it, at night, as I was driving my girlfriend back to college. Then, we stopped off into the back of a bank in the drive through lane and completed the job. So, somewhere out there is a security camera tape with two love birds going to town in a bank drive through lane.

Rokk Krinn

I have heard/read/been asked this question before, sometimes in some sort of group/party situation, but mostly one on one, & I've heard about the odd pool table, in a car, in a meadow, on a balcony(I do have to admit, a ferris wheel was a new one on me. I think it's pretty cool. I had never thoughtof that). The most unusual place for me was on a raft trip.
One of my hobbies (other than collecting & playing with sex toys) Is whitewater rafting (Actually, most people that I know would say it's an obsession with me). over more than fifteen years of running rivers, I've had a lot of fun, traveled far and wide, seen things I might not have, I have made a number of good friends, and a little bit of money as a river guide. I also am impulsive at times however, and acting on those has been both good and bad. The following happened 10 years ago. You can decide which.
My girlfriend at the time and I were on a four day trip on the Deschutes River in Central Oregon. we were part of a group of 8, divided among four rafts. The other members of our party were experienced, which allowed my lady & I to relax, & just drift at our own pace. my raft is 14 ft. long & I use 2 10 foot oars to move/steer from my seat in the center. My GF was on the passenger bench just forward of me.
We were having a really good time just drifting along,    the rest of our group had pulled ahead of us, which was fine, as we weren't in any big hurry. our take out, at the confluence with the columbia, was still three days & 40 miles away. Trips like this I describe as long periods of almost boring quiet punctuated by moments of sheer adrenaline rushing terror. We were in one of those quiet parts, my lady laying out across the bench, teasing me by having worn my favorite of her swimsuits, the one she knew always got a rise out of me, while acting like she didn't know what she was doing. I, for my part, was doing my best not to react. We talked & drifted like that for some time, playing our flirtacious chess game, talking became flirting became little moves then touches then checkmate! I couldnt hide how hot she was making me, & I started looking for a place to put in, so we could have a quickie. My gf said wait, that she wanted to try something. She moved twoard my chair and after a bit of shifting, twisting & slight contorting, she was mounted, facing me, her legs up & over the back of my seat, around my back. I still was able to row by putting the oars behind her, this was awkward at first, but also such a turn on! I have very rarely been that kind of slightly painful hard, but that was the case here! She would later say she had gotten the idea having watched me rowing through a rather difficult class 3 rapid (rapids are rated 1 - 5 in terms of difficulty.  1=slight ripple,  5= almost certain you will be injured or killed.  Getting through more luck than skill. A class 3 is quite capable of doing you harm if you are not paying attention!), & said she'd been fanasizing about me rowing like that while inside her.  After some work we finally got into a rhythm, my pulling on the oars & her pulling into me we both would later agree was mind blowing! It had an almost tantric twist, as due to the position we were in, almost all I could see were two beautiful breasts.
Almost all.
Remember what I said about paying attention?
Remember what I said about my impulses being good and bad?
I just finished the good part.
While the next part was not totally bad, it certainly wasn't all good.
During all the fun, neither of us noticed the class 4 rapid we were heading straight into, far too late for us to disentangle ourselves. I told her to hold on and, whih her looking back and directing, rowed like a demon across the river, positioning us for the drop ahead.
I can honestly say that I have never EVER been yanked on like that, before or since. The drop, then the maneuvering after, were the most painfully erotic I have ever endured. My gf ( now my wife) and I agree that while it was far and away the most intense orgasm either of us have had, & the experience was intimate like nothing else, there's ways of getting to there without the danger. Hence,  my presence on here,  looking for a sybian.


Under the stage at school while an assembly was going on.


  It was at the state fair in a biffy The funny part is there were three in a row and the middle one we were in and it was shaking . I was worried when we would get out that there would be a line of people waiting and there was, you should of seeing the looks on there faces and Ares too,


school steps outside in the rain, some random persons step in daylight ...twice and 2 different girls.



1996 Facing the crowd at a Van Halen concert.  We were behind and slightly aside of stage.  Spotlights on crowd prevented us being seen.

1998 Spring Break inside motel room with door open and about 25 people partying around us (watching) and door open.