Author Topic: Her first sybian ride  (Read 7691 times)


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Her first sybian ride
« on: April 24, 2014, 11:05:56 PM »
When the box arrived her enthusiasm was unsurpassed and as we slowly took her new toy out of the
box she looked at me with longing eyes.   I could smell her juices and see her erect nipples
as she plugged it into the wall socket  and
 as she slipped the long cock attachment stroking and licking her lips as she  slowly
put the attachment on and then she strattled the base stroking the nice Hard cock shaped attachment .
She then turned the switch on and slowly ran her finger around the settings knob ever so slowly
her nipples were hard & erect!   
I could see her juices running down her leg in anticipation of her erotic ride as she
was pressing her inner legs against the rapidly vibrating love stick !!!!!!!!! The she stood up and
walked overand gave am long erotic wet kiss!!!!