Author Topic: Will You Ride My Sybian??  (Read 6031 times)


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Will You Ride My Sybian??
« on: July 19, 2015, 07:38:08 PM »
Hello All.

I came across this Sybian forum when I wanted to sell a Sybian a little while back. My girlfriend cheated on me, even though she had a Sybian and we had great fun. This might be a bit strange but there is just a turn on when a woman rides a Sybian. Letting her have fun and getting all excited is something else, guys you must let your woman ride a Sybian.

I am writing this post as I currently have a Sybian and it has been about 12 months since my girlfriend cheated and left and I really miss using this Sybian. I was hoping to find a new girlfriend by now but no such luck. I was wondering if there are any ladies out there that would like to try a Sybian? I would be more than willing to do a meet. Before you ask, I'm not a 50 year old man trying to be a creep, I'm 28, young in my eyes and fairly attractive, in my eyes.

I just miss seeing a lovely lady ride a Sybian and while porn videos do well, there is nothing like seeing the real thing. I would be discreet and meetings could take place at a hotel if you wanted. This would be great for a lady to explore the use of a Sybian, maybe before buying her own or hiring one for a longer period.

I hope this does not disgust anyone and look forward to a few responses. For reference the Sybian has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each use as my girlfriend was a clean freak too.

Thanks and look forward to hearing from someone soon.

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Re: Will You Ride My Sybian??
« Reply #1 on: November 04, 2015, 01:50:14 AM »
Personally no but a word of advice. You may get more success if you indicate where you live (country and town).