Author Topic: Sybian and double penetration (DP)...anyone...?  (Read 7851 times)


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Sybian and double penetration (DP)...anyone...?
« on: November 14, 2015, 12:00:47 AM »
I must be missing something...
Synopsis: We went to Hedo II and people talked to get the Sybian. My wife hated it, sent it back. Another Hedo II trip, we were again convinced and got it again. Best $1500 we spent, ever! Using it maybe 8-9 years now.

My dilemma: So, the best orgasms she is having when she rides the Sybian and I penetrate her from behind, even though she doesn't like anal sex (although she lets me do it for my benefit). I thought she was a "freak" that way, but I have tried with other girls and the same result (well, after they learnt to like the Sybian, which is an other story).
YET, I cannot find any reference online anybody doing it, or trying it, love it, hate it... anything. No porn clips, no amateur testimonies...
Any experiences... anybody?