Started by david hughes, June 06, 2016, 03:35:03 AM

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Motor bunny is a little wider. Not much.
In terms of vibration they are about the same. The bunny gets my nod as it has an app, game and can reverse twirl as well as cary the speed of the machine without touching the control pad.

My wife is one of the few who doesn't get her socks knocked off by the sybian it bunny as she describes it as too much vibration in her legs and all other areas. She says the hitachi magic wand is superior for her in terms of fast and fierce orgasms.

Any women have a similar first few experiences?
If so did you overcome it or is that just how things are for you?

The sybian. I got used and for that matter the bang for the buck was superior. But if I was to buy both new I would rather have the bunny. As more used bunnies hit the market used opportunities should pop up too