Author Topic: Cheaper alternative to the Sybian Mat  (Read 4062 times)


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Cheaper alternative to the Sybian Mat
« on: June 29, 2017, 02:30:25 PM »
It looks like the talk has been kinda stagnant for a while. I figured I would share some of my improvements since purchasing the sybain for my wife last year. The first thing we realized is that the sybian is loud and telegraphs through the floor boards. The first thought was the Sybian Mat on their site. But that would involve more shipping and another $100. So, the hunt was on. I wanted something that was inconspicuous, but provided some padding. We had taken a trip to Ikea and inspiration struck.

But the cart was already full and I did not know if we could fit it in the car at the time. So, I went home and searched amazon.

1/4 the price of the Sybian mat and free 2 day shipping with prime. Done and Done. The best part is if we need/want more padding we can double to quadruple it up. It provides enough padding that it will not telegraph the vibrations through the floor boards and keeps knees comfortable.

So, what have all of you done to make the experience more enjoyable?


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Re: Cheaper alternative to the Sybian Mat
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Thank you for the article.